Tuesday, 3 January 2017

3 Ways to Visualize Your Weight Loss

Hey Guys and Gals,

This post is about how I measure my weight loss.

So weight loss can me measured a number of different ways below I list the 3 that I use personally.

1- Measurements.

When taking measurements I like to use a simple chart like the one below so that I know I am measuring the same areas and that it is consistent.

Bust - Measure in a straight line around your back and bust in line with the nipples.
Chest - Measure under your bust as high up as possible.
Waist - Measure at the narrowest point.
Hips - Measure around the widest part of the hip bones.
Midway - Measure in between the waist and hips measurement.
Thighs - Measure around the fullest part of the upper leg whilst standing.
Calves - Measure around the fullest part of the lower leg whilst standing.
Upper Arm - Measure around the fullest part of the upper arm.
Forearm - Measure around the fullest part of the forearm.

You should have two measurements for Thighs, Calves, Upper Arm and Forearm both left and right side.

2 - Visually Tracking Lbs Lost

The second way I like to track my weight loss is with a visual Lbs tracker.

This can be done a few ways some people have 2 glass jars one containing beads, stones or other small objects of the quantity of weight they wish to lose (1 stone = 1 Lbs) and the other jar empty and when they lose a Lbs they will move once item from the 'To lose' jar to the 'Lost' jar.

The tracker I user can either be in digital format or printer off into a paper format.

The idea behind this is that when you lose weight you are able to colour in the box of your new current weight and the more weight you lose the more colourful the tracker becomes and you can see how far you have come.

3- Photos

Lastly, a way to visually measure your weight loss is using photos.

Taking photos of yourself on a weekly or bi-weekly basis allowing you to see the difference in your body shape, you may see things like your arms look slimmer or that your stomach looks flatter even though you only lost 1 or 2 lbs.

I hope you like this post and find my suggestions useful.

Please feel free to comment below your suggestions.

Keep on Keeping on!!!

Leanne XOX

Being fat and unhealthy almost ruined my holiday

Hey Everyone,

I just wanted to tell you the story of my latest holiday and how it was almost ruined by me being fat and unhealthy.

I recently went to Orlando Florida with my boyfriend Danny, it was a dream of ours to go there and didn't think that we would go for years due to it being so expensive but we managed to get some money together for a holiday and decided to look into going just out of curiosity and we realised that going to America was actually doable!!!!

So we booked the holiday and were due to travel in 2 months time, I had booked the time off work and began buying holiday essentials. While trying on some of the holiday clothes I bought just last year I realised last years size 14-16 had now become 16-18 and even 18-20 for some items. I was upset so I decided I needed to do something about this so every night for about 2 weeks I would walk a couple of miles with my mum knowing that on holiday I would be walking quite a few miles a day.

After 2 weeks I got sick followed by my mum getting sick so we stopped 'just until we are better' is what we told ourselves but once we were better we just never started walking again.

Holiday rolled around and we were so excited we arrived in Florida around midday and the airport security was a nightmare.... Donald Trump had landed just before us so all security had been diverted there leaving around 700 people with only 5 security desks open.

Once we arrived at the hotel we dropped our bags and went looking for food, then back to the hotel for an earlyish night.

The next day we visited SeaWorld and we walked and walked and walked all day around sea world by the time we got back to the hotel my feet and ankles were in crippling agony. I couldn't put any pressure on them.

By the morning they had recovered just enough to walk but again by midday I was in so much pain again I needed to stop and sit down every hour or so just to give my feet a rest.

By the middle of the holiday, it was so unbearable we decided that maybe if we went and got comfier shoes it would make walking more bearable, the next day we went to a mall and I picked up some Sketchers and they helped a lot!!

I could walk for a few hours before I needed rest, I was still in pain and taking painkillers every few hours but I was able to enjoy my holiday, once I got back from holiday I decided things had to change if I wanted to enjoy my life and not have my ankles cripple under the pressure of my weight.

So December rolled around and I knew it was time to start this journey. So that kind of where this road began.

Welcome to my blog and I hope I can motivate you and you can motivate me.

Keep on Keeping on!!!

Leanne XOX

Monday, 2 January 2017


Hi nice to meet you I'm Fat! Wait... no, let me try this again....

Hi nice to meet you I'm Leanne and I'm fat. 197lbs of fat, well I'm not made up of 100% fat but you get my point. I also have  PCOS.

Below is me at what I believe is my heaviest 202lbs and right now as I sit and write this I like almost exactly the same. ALMOST. I have since lost 5lbs which I know isn't drastic but its a start and I am happy with my progress.

I started my weight loss journey on the 1st of December I bought a gym membership, I asked for a FitBit for Christmas and I am ready to kick some ass.... My own ass.

I won't lie I have only been to the gym 3/4 times, with it being the Christmas period my work shifts were a little all over the place and meaning I had to choose between spending time with my Boyfriend and the gym, and some days when I had a little extra spare time I just didn't feel up to it. My body was adjusting to new medication causing me to feel sick and have a headache 90% of the time.

But now my body has fully adjusted to the medication, I am making a conscious effort to move more, drink more water and make healthier food choices.

So tomorrow (3rd January 2017) will be my first full day of the 'journey' so I hope that you will join me and hopefully we can motivate each other.

I will be posting my weigh in updates every Sunday :) and I will also be posting a midweek update on Wednesday.

Keep on Keeping on!!!

Leanne XOX